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Microblading is a semi permanent eyebrow treatment giving a more fine result, than a tattooed brow can offer. The Microblading treatment suits people who have over plucked, patches of missing eyebrow hairs or eyebrows that don't grow.

How it works 

Works very similar to a tattoo but is more superficial, instead of a machine, a hand held tool is used to create hair like stokes to mimic eyebrow hairs. Microblading doesn't go as deep as a tattoo, microblading colour pigment is implanted in to the top layers of skin.
(a tattoo goes deep in to the dermis skin layers).

Microblading questions

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Mircoblading treatment cost.


this price includes a top up treatment which is needed after a few weeks. 

This is very important and something to take into consideration before having microblading.

Leave your brows alone for up to 10 days to allow them to heal (no picking)

Your eyebrows my scab and be dry following treatment do not scratch if they itch gently tap them to ease the itch

Do not get brows wet for 48 hours (If they do get wet pat them dry). After 48 hours when washing do not rub or scrub

No swimming for 2/4 weeks to avoid the risk of infection

Avoid sunbeds for 4 weeks +

Avoid makeup around the area for up to 7 days, when removing makeup go around the brows

Avoid exfoliating or chemical peels

A touch up will be required a few weeks after treatment, microblading is a 2 part process and this will complete the look.